Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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Russia's coach Bagnoli expects a very tough return match

Egyptian captain Ashrf Abou Alhassen: "Congratulations to Russia, they played very well. Egypt didn’t play good today. We commited a lot of mistakes in serve and block because we felt very tired due to time change and travelling without rest. We will try to play better tomorrow than today."

Russia's captain Alexey Kazakov: "Good services and blocks gave us the superiority in the first and second sets and the Egyptian team also gave us many points in the third set that made things easy enough to win the set."

Egyptian coach Intonio Gaicobbe: "I agree with the Russian captain, the service and the block were perfect to win the first and the second sets. We know the Russian block is the best in the world. In the third set we lost concentration so the normal result is to lose very easily."

Russia's coach Daniele Bagnoli: "I am happy about my team we found some difficulties from the Egyptian team at the first and second sets but everything was easy at the third set. The Egyptian team didn’t play with its maximum power."


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