Friday, 25 May 2018
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Finland's coach Mauro Berruto said the set won against Russia was already an achievment

Italian coach Daniele Bagnoli complimented Russian libero Alexandr Yanutov

Finland's coach Mauro Berruto: "We played better than yesterday as we won a set and for this team every set won is an achievement. We call it our build-team experience. After analyzing the first match we put two goals for today’s game. One was to low the Russian first-tempo efficiency and the second was to play more through the center of the net ourselves. We coped just with the first one."
Finland's captain Jukka Lehtonen: "Unlike yesterday we managed to challenge the Russian team. We played well in the third set, and in the fourth till the second technical time-out but of course it wasn’t enough."

Russia's coach Daniele Bagnoli: "Finland created more problems for us today than yesterday as the efficiency of our central blockers in attack were much more lower. I am pleased with the performance of our second libero Alexandr Yanutov. We are playing quite well now but I am afraid it will not be enough when we meet with the best teams in the world. I am eager to go to the Final Round of the 2010 FIVB World League because I want my players to get to know what it means to play at the highest level."

Russia's captain Alexey Kazakov: "We usually play worse the second game of the weekend and this time there was no exception. The Finns served very well tonight and had a lot of block-outs. In the third set they made our reception suffer so we couldn’t use first-tempo attack very often."


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