Monday, 18 June 2018
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Tension is rising in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Silvano Prandi, the Italian head coach of Bulgaria told without any hesitation what the goal is for him and his team: "We come here to win, because this is always our main objective. Against any opponent! Off course we are classified in a very heavy pool, but we are aiming for a place in the final. And if we reach the final we will always play for the main prize. If we don’t succeed in reaching this goal, we will have a new chance next year”.

Prandi, who in the club season is the head coach of the Italian club Modena (with the Dutch player’s Kooy and Kooistra in his team), says he knows the Dutch National Team fairly good. ,,A lot of guys are playing in the strongest of competitions worldwide and so we know them pretty good. That’s why I was not so surprised that the Dutch claimed a victory over Brazil. Holland can play a very good game and Brazil is not at it’s full potential right now.

According to Bulgarian team captain and opposite player, Vladimir Nikolov, his team is not at his best shape at the moment. This is mainly because of the many travels he and his team made the last couple of days. "We can do better, but it doesn’t matter that much. That is what defines great players from good players. Good players play great when they feel great, and great players play great all the time. Also when they don’t feel that great at all”.

According to Dutch head coach Peter Blangé, Vladimir Nikolov together with Matey Kazisky, are these type of ‘great players’. "These are two absolute world class players, but we still have chances to win this match. When we play at our top level with a lot of aggression and spirit, we can go a long way."

Dutch team captain, Rob Bontje was very clear in his comment: "It’s time to claim a victory against Bulgaria, because it has been a while that we did so”.

The first match between the Netherlands and Bulgaria is on Saturday at 17:00 and the second match is on Sunday at 17:00.


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