Friday, 27 April 2018
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 Match info | Press Conference
Brazilian coach Bernardo Rezende says: "South Korea is a difficult team to play"

Brazilian captain Giba talks during the press conference
Korea captain Choi, Tae-Woong: "Tomorrow is a new game. Brazil plays a different kind of game than us. We have to get used to it and play better Saturday."

Korea coach Mr. Shin, Chi-Yong: "The Brazilian game got better. We have to congratulate them. We are learning a lot with the Brazilian Volleyball."

Brazil captain Giba: "It was a complicated game. The Koreans started serving really well. They did seven points of serving. We had to focus in digging well to win the game. Tomorrow is a different game. Now we have to relax. Losing the first set was risked and it can’t happen."

Brazil coach Bernardo Rezende: "We did many mistakes at the beginning of the match. Our block time was wrong and we missed many counter-attacks. It was a tense game for our team because we can’t lose points anymore. Korea is a difficult team to play. They play with a lot of velocity and defend really well."


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