Thursday, 2 July 2020
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It was a match with too many ups and downs for both teams

Argentine and Polish Coaches at the Press Conference

Javier Weber, Argentina coach: “It was a match with many ups and downs.  Argentina was very aggressive with reference to Friday’s match.  Poland gave the host team several chances of scoring but we did not know how to make good use of it.  We must improve the use of the ball and our serving.  A team builds by winning and not losing.  We can not survive with defeats”.

Rodrigo Quiroga, Argentina captain: “If we improve our spiking and the fifth set could have been won by either team.  Weber asked us to spike outside their blocking and we did so.  We played over our defeat.  The three rivals of our pool are very strong”.

Daniel Castellani, Poland coach: “Both teams tried to find the answers to this match.  It was a hard night but our minds were in the match even though the team did not play well. The key was to keep calm during the whole match”.

Piotr Gruszka, Poland captain: “The Argentine defense was much better tonight.  We had many ups and downs but at the end we finished winning and we take back two very important victories”.

Mixed Zone:

Pablo Meana, Argentina player: “Compared with the first match yesterday we improved in spiking, receiving and setting but we lack concentration. We did not play well the second set and the reaction on the tie-break came too late. We must learn to keep our concentration”.

Luciano De Cecco, Argentina Player: “Poland deserved this victory because we do not yet have the necessary rhythm to face teams like this one. Now with Germany we must win, we must beat them in Catamarca in both matches”.


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