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Lozano: Cuba played a monologue

Cuban coach Orlando Samuels is pleased with the performance of his team.
Havana, Cuba, June 11, 2010.- Cuban coach Orlando Samuels said the level of play of the Germany was much lower than the visitors game against Poland the previous weekend as the two sides clashed on Friday. “At that time they were good in almost all aspects of the game. Today we saw them uncoordinated. Maybe they need to adapt a little more to the change of hours an do better."
“In general we are meeting our goal of getting better every game, and we did it primarily on one aspect that we had gone very wrong: blocking. We must continue to improve in reception and in other aspects. I think that's the basis of our victory.”

Meanwhile German coach Raúl Lozano said Cuba deserved to win. “They played better than us. For my team it was one of the worst games this year. We did not play well in any aspect and that is rare. There are two situations in every game: either block-reception or defense-attack, and today we could not play either good to achieve a high level of play. We also gave many advantages because we could not attack. I hope tomorrow will be a more even show because today was a monologue from Cuba”.

Cuban captain Robertlandy Simón considered his team set out to win from the beginning. “Tomorrow we will go out with the aim of sweeping Germany”.

Finally, Andrae Bjorn, Germany´s captain, stated: “We overestimated many things before the game and made many mistakes. We thought we could get the Cuban rhythm, but it was not the case. I think tomorrow we have to play much faster and more aggressive, entering the field with more courage and more determination than we had today”.


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