Thursday, 28 May 2020
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We must believe more in ourselves - Rezende

Brazil captain ‘Giba’ Giberto Godoy: The match showed the level of the competition but the key was the substitutions we made. Now we have to think of the finals and we know that we must play very hard.


Brazil coach Bernardo Rezende: Brazil has not played yet at its best level. Serbia was very precise and ‘read’ our moves. We need the day of tomorrow to think and study so to fix our mistakes. I prefer a weak team but here are all very strong. I am thinking of which team will be our rivals, the winner of the match between Cuba and Italy. Cuba is very flexible in its playing and Italy is all power. The main thing now is our playing, with the current level we can not become champions.


Serbia captain Bojan Janic: We played a very hard match but we know that Brazil is the best team in the world.  We were very concentrated but we could not improve and come out from every mistake as we did. We are very happy though on how we played.


Serbia coach Igor Kolakovic: In the last set Serbia made too many unforced errors serving even though we played well. To defeat Argentina we must play at this level or even better.


Mixed Zone:


Brazil setter Yared Marlon: We must have our power and have confidence.  We knew it would not be easy but with strength and resolution we will reach the final.


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