Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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Knipe: "We had a good run in the World League but a better end was expected"


Thomas Hoff (USA Captain)
Trying to look back on these last days we played some good volleyball but this week this weekend was a big step up as we played first against Serbia and then Russia, two completely different styles and good Teams. What we can bring back to the gym is all that we need to work on for a better volleyball as we need a lot better effort, better commitment and a lot to work on.

Sergey Tetyukhine (Russia Captain)
Thank you for your congratulations. This was psychologically a very hard game as we played against the Olympic Champions. All that happened and did not happen will have to be improved as we played nervous game and wanted to play much better. This in principle was the result enough and very happy that my team won and that in very difficult moments we were able to finish it.

Daniele Bagnoli (Russia Coach)
Succeeded in achieving our primary goal. After the first match with Serbia we knew that we would qualify directly but I was not satisfied with the performance. We played with a lot of nervousness but from tomorrow we can start anew. Technically I am not satisfied but it is our first match. When I see now live how many from the US team are missing it is evident that the new players are very promising although they do need some more experience to gain. We will work on our mistakes and try to improve as we have a chance to improve the play and tomorrow with hopefully full house we will be able to fight in such difficult conditions against Serbian dangerous team, and yes… I am curious about the result.

Alan Knipe (USA Coach)
Congratulate and deserved – good level and able to continue nicely against the teams in semi-finals. Good process in the World League but a better end was expected. We leave knowing a lot more about our team and the others as well. A lot to work has to be done and we have to be able to add some more experience with other team players and develop into a better volleyball.


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