Thursday, 19 April 2018
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Poland's goal is to close the competition in style

Volleyball-crazy crowd will be Poland's seventh player on the floor

Katowice, Poland, July 8, 2010 – When the team meets its former coach on the other side of the net, the game always has an implied meaning. That was the case in Katowice on Thursday, when Poland took on Germany in the last week of the 2010 FIVB World League. Raul Lozano, who previously worked with the Polish squad for 4 years and led them to a silver medal in the FIVB World Championships, arrived in Poland with his German squad and beat the home side in a fascinating game.

The Poles badly wanted to win and it was only a matter of bad luck they lost both games in Stuttgart at the beginning of the competition, but they were beaten once again. In a match in which Poland and Germany got 28 and 26 points respectively from the opposite errors, it was the visiting side that took advantage of rival's troubles.

"Making such a big number of simple mistakes, we were not able to win today” home captain Pawel Zagumny said. “There is still one game left and we'll do our best to finish the competition with a win."

The goal is clear for the hosts, but the question is if they have the ability to achieve it. Germany won all three matches against Poland this season and looked very solid in Katowice. Both teams will also meet in the first round of this year's FIVB World Championships and the results may have impact on the players confidence. The Poles will surely try to satisfy the Volleyball-loving crowd and will give their best to close the competition in style.


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