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China and Italy are about to clash again

Wuhan, China, July 2, 2010 - China and Italy are set to face off again tomorrow in Wuhan at 7:10pm local time as the fifth weekend of the 2010 World League moves on.

Despite the final loss of today’s match, China perform well and have brought the scores even for several times. However, the defect in block and setting brought negative influence to China’s confidence.

As to the Italian side, they gradually took the positive part of the match and kept up their momentum to the end. ValerioVermiglio, the setter, impressing us with his agile setting, contributed a great deal to the win.

“We wish to win the game, but the young team still have distance from Italy and need to learn from them.”Mr Zhou Jianan said in the press conference after the match. Although the home side still suffer from several injuries, they will try to fightback tomorrow and claim their first home victory. 

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