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World League 2010
21st Edition

 CUB / Cuba - Team Composition

Team manager Raul Diago Izquierdo
Head coach Orlando Samuels Blackood
Assistant coach Idalberto Valdez Pedro
Doctor Julio Miñoso Molina
Therapist / trainer Joan Aladro Cantero
Journalist Diego Mendez Calero
  No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 F  Wilfredo Leon Venero Leon 31/07/1993 202 96 350 346 Sir Safety Perugia
  2   Lian Sem Estrada Jova Estrada 12/12/1982 196 83 339 335 Santiago de Cuba
  L 3 F  Gustavo Leyva Alvarez Leyva 14/12/1985 180 75 305 300 Ciudad Habana
  4   F  Yoandy Leal Hidalgo Leal 31/08/1988 202 107 361 348 Cucine Lube Civitanova
  5 Leandro Macias Infante Macias 13/02/1990 192 70 325 318 Santiago de Cuba
  L 6   F  Keibel Gutierrez Torna Gutierrez 6/05/1987 178 80 305 295 Villa Clara
  7 F  Osmany Roberto Camejo Durruthy Camejo 18/02/1983 202 90 350 330 Ciudad Habana
  8   F  Rolando Cepeda Abreu Cepeda 13/03/1989 198 77 359 344 S.Spiritus
  9 Sandy Andrade Fernandez Andrade 12/10/1989 180 71 315 305 Cienfuegos
  10   Yosvany Hernandez Cardonell Hernandez C 23/06/1991 201 90 360 338 Fakel Russia/ Stroitel Minsk
  11 Gonzalez Raidel Delgado Delgado 8/09/1987 195 81 347 330 La Habana
  12   F  Yenry Bell Cisnero Bell 27/07/1981 188 84 358 328 Santiago de Cuba
  C 13 F  Robertlandy Simon Aties Simón 11/06/1987 208 114 358 326 Cucine Lube Civitanova
  14   F  Raydel Hierrezuelo Aguirre Hierrezuelo 14/07/1987 196 87 340 335 Ciudad Habana
  15 Darien Ferrer Delis Ferrer 31/10/1983 204 84 362 346 Santiago de Cuba
  16   F  Isbel Mesa Sandobal Mesa 2/06/1989 204 89 358 331 C. Habana
  17 Jorge Gonzalez Garcia Garcia 31/03/1991 204 95 350 340 Pinar del Rio
  18   F  Yosmany Díaz Carmenate Diaz 8/01/1988 196 89 358 328 Ciudad Habana
  19 F  Fernando Hernandez Ramos Hernandez 11/09/1989 196 78 358 339 C.Habana
 C=Captain  L=Libero    F Players selected for the final round in Argentina
Team profile

It is the 20th anniversary of Cuba's participation in the FIVB World League. They have enjoyed many successful moments over the years, and this represents an important source for the development of many volleyball players who have had outstanding performances over the last few years.

When discussing the 21st Edition, Cuba still aims to get the highest position in terms of competition performance. To achieve it, they have a team formed by young players with some experience: Captain Robertlandy Simón Aties, who has become one of the best central attacking players in the world; Wilfredo León Venero, 16 years old, who in the previous edition showed an extraordinary capacity of performance, maybe one of most promising young players in Volleyball. Also, Michael Sánchez Bozhuleva, Yoandri Leal Hidalgo, Rolando Cepeda Abreu, Osmany Camejo Durruthy, setters Raydel Hierrezuelo  Aguirre and  Yoandri Díaz Carmenate, liberos Keiber Torna and  Gustavo Álvarez Leyva, among others. All together they make a respectful team and could not only become winners of the World League, but also improve on previous performances in the upcoming 2010 FIVB World Championship.

The Cuban team have an experienced guide in Orlando Samuel Blackwood, one of the most well-known Technical Directors in the world, who will be assisted by Idalberto Valdés Pedro and Nicolás Vives Coffini, Physician Julio Miñoso Molina and Physiotherapist Joan Aladro Cantero. They embrace two of the most important features when talking about a group: experience and youth as well as common goals, good communication and a passion for Volleyball, their team and Cuba.

Having all these qualities on their side, the 2010 FIVB World League will take place in its usual venue, with the eighth player in every match: the spectators. They will be hoping to see lots of success in the matches against Argentina, Germany and Poland, so they reach for the top.

Coach profile

Orlando Samuels Blackwood continues in the leadership of the Cuban team. Taking into account his participation in these events, he is still one of the most active Technical Directors with one of the highest attendance records at the FIVB World League.

He has been able to increase the work rate of the team, leading them to more victories, making them feel confident that in the future they will reach higher goals.

Samuels knows that the work with young players is very important and that is why his focus is on them, and he has been able to achieve in just two years of work with the side a really improvement on the court. His spirit and perseverance to create a good team atmosphere is remarkable, even when this is a quite difficult task, even for those countries with more tradition in our sport.


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