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Austria defeated in straight sets; Romania closer to qualification

Austria disappointed against Romania in Vienna
Vienna, Austria, January 4, 2009 - The Austrian Men’s national team suffered the first loss in their campaign for the 2010 FIVB World Championship this Sunday at the Budo Center competition hall against Romania in three straight sets (23-25, 22-25, 20-25). The Austrians were able to play a consistent game and keep up with the convincing performance of the Romanian team led by well-known coach Stelian Moculescu for most of the matchup, but their setting wasn’t as good as in yesterday’s game against Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Romania enjoyed a much better start, but the Austrians kept on fighting and were able to keep the final outcome of the game open.  At the end little mistakes for the benefit of Romania allowed them to win the set 25-23. The second set seemed to run similarly, but this time the Austrians led at the beginning. But in the middle of the set the guests had a four-point lead and Philip Schneider & Co. were not able to turn the game and lost this section of the match 22-25. During the third set Austria were already behind at the start but after Marcus Guttmann came in for Philip Schneider things seemed to change, the team was able to catch up point by point and they were able to tie at 14-14. In the finale phase Romania were leading most of the time by two points and won in the end (25-20).

Despite the loss against Romania, Austria still have a chance to finish first in this pool. The rules say that if the points after three matches are the same, the points ratio will count to decide who is first. This means if Austria win with a lot of points against Hungary and Romania loses against Bosnia & Herzegovina there will still be hope for the local guys to move on to the next round.

Stelian Moculescu, Romania’s head coach, said, "We started off pretty good and put pressure on the Austrians with our good services. We were leading 2-0, then Austria played differently compared to yesterday and my team has showed a really good and consistent game.”

Peter Kleinmann, President of the Austrian Volleyball Federation, added, "It was quite a bad game. Everything that went well yesterday went wrong today. Especially with the attacks with which the team made 14 mistakes on their own. At this level you cannot afford to make so many mistakes on your own."

Daniel Gavan, captain of the Austrians, said, "Romania played very good today, much better than against Hungary. It will be interesting tomorrow because if we win with a lot of points against Hungary and Romania loses against Bosnia, everything is possible.”

Gerald Reiser, another Austrian player, said, "We had our chances, but unfortunately have not used them. It was a good game, but it could have been much better.”

Today's first game in Vienna started very well for Hungarian head coach Sándor Kantor and his team. After 53 minutes the score board showed a 2-0 set count. While Bosnia & Herzegovina did not give up, the concentration on the Hungarian side decreased bit by bit. Sets three and four were clearly won by Samir Salihovic and Co. Even in the last set, there was no real chance for the Hungarian team to keep up the level they showed in the first two sets and so the underdogs won surprisingly in 115 minutes. The Hungarian team has no chance to move on to the next round of the World Championship.

Coach Sándor Kantor was stunned: “To give away a game that we were leading 2-0 is something which is impossible to explain.” His opponent Dalibor Stevic said after the game: “We came here to get experiences. Now that we have won a game we are even more motivated for the next match we have tomorrow.”

Romania vs. Austria 3-0 (25-23, 25-22, 25-20) in 78 minutes
Top scorers: Gontariu 15, Borota 10, Stancu 6 for Romania; Schneider 11, Mellitzer 7, Hirczy 7 for Austria

Hungary vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina 2-3 (25-21, 25-18, 21-25, 16-25, 11-15) in 115 minutes

Top scorers: Zoltán Kovács 15, Péter Veres 14, Dávid Szabó 13 for Hungary; Samir Salihovic 19, Vladimir Milicevic 12, Armin Mustedanovic 10 for Bosnia & Herzegovina 
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