Friday, 25 May 2018
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 Match info | Press Conference
Bernardo Rezende: "We putted the pressure over them".

The press conference in Belo Horizonte

Venezuelan Captain Andy Rojas: “Our team is facing a renewal process. We need to work hard to have a competitive squad again. We played better in the first set but from them on, Brazil took the control”.


Venezuelan Head Coach Jose Gutierrez: “Congratulations to Brazil for their performance. We made a tough game in the first set but Brazil gave us no chance in the following two”.


Brazlian Captain Giba: “It was an unusual match. Our time is totally focused in the Final Round. After the instability in the beginning, we were able to be back in the game quickly. Now it is important keeping this rhythm and getting physically well in the Final Round”.


Brazilian Head Coach Bernardo Rezende:Brazil made many mistakes in the first set and just assured the win in the last two points. Venezuelan made many mistakes after that, but thanks to Brazil that putted the pressure over them”.


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