Thursday, 24 May 2018
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Bulgaria lack of concentration at the end of the sets

Sergey Tetyukhin was not only the captain and leader, but the main scorer for Russia
Silvano Prandi, coach of Bulgaria:
I hoped that today I can see today my team more efficient and mostly in attact. I failed. We showed lack of concentration and will to win at the end of the sets. I do not know if it is a technical matter or a matter of mentality. We have a lot to work on. The best thing today was Plamen Konstantinov's return. If he is feeling well I will be certain that we have one strong element. We have to make better choices in the important moments. I hope tomorrow we will.
Plamen Konstantinov, captain of Bulgaria:
Congratulations. We have shown again our late weakness - when we can lose at the end of the set we are not quite steady mentally. In a point-to-point rally Russia was more precise in the key moments. It is not luck, it is a psychological confidence. We have to be more confident in moments like that. Against the big team we will not win with 5-6-10 points. And in a situation whe set is decided by a point or 2, we have to be perfect.
Daniele Bagnoli, coach of Russia:
This result gives us small hope that we can go to the finals. I am satisfied but still angry for all those past moments in which we lost our oportunity to be already qualified. The team is not playing the best way I want to. I hope tomorrow we can repeat the same level of volleyball and e victourious again. Unfortunately, we will know then if we are going to Serbia or not.
Sergey Tetyukhin, captain of Russia:
It was important match for us. I would say - of significant importance. It was hard after one unexpected defeat from Japan at home. It is important that the team kept the spirit alive, We made less mistakes and played more confident than Bulgaria today.

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