Tuesday, 26 January 2021
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Chinese Head Coach Zhou Jianan: China won the Netherlands in insisting

The perfect defense system of China scored10 points compared with 5 for the Netherlands.

Netherlands Captain Jeroen Trommel: "Firstly congratulations to China. We did not play what we should play. We are a young team lacking experience. This is what we should improve in the future."

Netherlands Head Coach Peter Blangè: " China played quite well today, especially their No. 10, Chen Ping, who made 3 straight serve ace in set 3. We lost in handling key balls. We could not control the match when scores over 20. I am disppointed in loss. But i still wanna give my compliment to China."

Chinese Captain Shen Qiong: "We played a exciting match and showed our abilities. After the match yesterday, we summarised and made corresponding adjustment. And it worked well today."

Chinese Head Coach Zhou Jianan: " We won this game in insisting. We played 5 sets yesterday, which consumed stamina a lot to both teams. In the pre-match meeting, I asked each player to be insisting during the match. And I was always asking the players to do so on sideline in set 2 and set 3 when the players felt tired. We just won in insisting. "


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