Monday, 21 May 2018
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Press Conference on July 12, Yukwansoon Gym. Cheonan, Korea

Head coach of KOR team Mr. KIM, Ho-Chul says a general review

FRA team

Head Coach Mr. Philippe BLAIN,

Today we had a tougher game than yesterday as KOR players showed better performance but FRA team committed many errors. In the begining of fourth set, we scored many points successively and we could play and finish the game keeping our momentum.

Captain Mr. Oliver Kieffeer

Getting many points in the begining of fourth set was the main reason that we finished the game more easily.




KOR team

Head Coach Kim, Ho-Chul

Overall, our players were in a better state, mentally and physically, than yesterday.
In short, the French players overwhelmed us.  Our players need to improve much farther.  My only excuse for the losses this weekend is the long trips to France and Argentina prior to this weekend.  However, I believe we do still have the potential to be a much better team.  We are a young team, and if we improve our serve reception, which is the major shortcoming, we will be able to show better performance.  It is unlikely that we will make it to the final round, but we will do our best in the upcoming weekend when we play against the Serbians.


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