Tuesday, 26 January 2021
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Netherlands Head Coach Peter Blangè: We are lucky today and the victory is important for us

Blocking efforts made by Team China but didn't help them for the victory

Chinese Captain Shen Qiong: ”It was a splendid match and congratulation to Team Netherlands for the victory. In all aspects, technically, physically and mentally, our team has showed our top performance. We had a couple of chances in the match but were not able to catch them for the final victory. I think that it the gap and potential we are going to improve. The match tomorrow will be a new game and we will strive for the win. ”


Netherlands Captain Jeroen Trommel: “Our team had lots of up-and-downs in the match. We were doing really well in set 1 and 3, while Team China played well in set 2 and 4. The match in general was tough for us, especially mentally we were not so focus. When it came to set 5, I knew anything can happen. Our team was in a difficult situation after 4 losses against Team Italy. We had to win today. It was a fantastic match. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the venue and am happy to compete with Team China, who has display them top performance. I believe it will be more exciting tomorrow. ”


Chinese Head Coach Zhou Jianan : ” I am glad our team has played an exciting match today. Our players showed their top performance in each single set. Therefore, the final result was not important to me. As I said last week, our goal in participation of World League is to accumulate the experience and to improve our abilities. Each game and each set has proved to be a golden opportunity for us. I hope our team can play equally well tomorrow and hopefully win the match. ”


Netherlands Head Coach Peter Blangè : “We are in a tough position after 4 losses against Team Italy. Our players were little down before the match and we had to win the match today. The victory is really important for us. I would also like to give my compliments to Team China. They had really showed top performance; especially some tactics they used are not often seen in Europe. A score can totally change the final result. We are lucky today. Team China is quite competitive and I think the result tomorrow will be open. Both teams have the possibilities to win. ”


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