Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Zhou Jianan: No surprise losing a tough match to USA

USA team revenged successfully

Chinese captain Shen Qiong: "I would like to congratulate Team USA on their victory. Today they had a new start-list, which was not a surprise for us. However, we were not quite adapted and didn't handle it well. This is the gap between strong teams such as USA and us. We will try our best to play each match in the World League and will learn from both victories and losses."


American captain David Lee: "I am very satisfied with the result today. We are well prepared both physically and mentally. Although we were not consistent in the game, we had some really good points and didn't do well in a certain period of time. Right now, our team is in a good position in the pool. But this will never stop us from victory in the future. We will try to play well to qualify for the Final Round of World League and be part of it."


Chinese head coach Zhou Jianan: "The result today is within my expectations. As I said yesterday, the match today would be very tough. After adapting to our tactics, team USA showed their abilities. Although we were well prepared before the match and the players were asked to be ready for the pressure and they were doing well in some points, our team was quite passive in the fields of serving and reception, which was not helpful for us to be in a good position for victory. We had four matches against team USA and won one match yesterday, so I am satisfied with the result. I hope our players can benefit from the experience in the World League."


American head coach Alan Knipe: "I would congratulate the Chinese team for their performance this weekend, which was relatively better than last week in the U.S. Our team played well in set 1, which guaranteed the final victory. However, the players couldn't stay focused consistently and didn't play well in set 2. Fortunately, we were patient and trusted each other, which helped us win the match. We were exceptionally good in serving, defending and blocking. As a young team, there will be a long way to get better. As I said yesterday, we lost the game and we would fight back today. We did it and it helped us to be in a good position for the final round of World League."





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