Thursday, 24 May 2018
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American Head Coach Alan Knipe: Our performance today didn’t deserve the win

press conference of WL2009 (Jiangning, CHN)

American Captain David Lee: “Congratulation to the Chinese team. They really played well today, especially in serving and receiving. They had emotions throughout the game that helped them getting overwhelmed in some key points. On our side, our block was a lot worse than previous matches. We are trying to use our experience and will be more focus in the match tomorrow, trying our best to win.”


Chinese Captain Shen Qiong: “I am extremely proud of the result today although the winning was quite difficult. I am very happy indeed. I assumed that the time difference affected the performance of the American team quite a lot. We will be well prepared for the match tomorrow and the match shall be excellent as well. ”


American Head Coach Alan Knipe: “The match today was really at a high level. There was always a fighting spirit from the Chinese team and it was throughout the game. Their serving was excellent today. The serving in the first set almost set the tone for the whole match. As for us, the blocking was far below the level and the set was ordinary. Our performance today didn’t deserve the win.”


Chinese Head Coach Zhou Jianan: “I am very happy to be back to China to play as the host team. The players carried out our pre-arranged strategies quite well. Our young players were ready to face the pressure and challenges, which was good. This is our first win as the host team and Team USA is quite competitive. It is hard to predict the result for tomorrow and we are ready for a tough match tomorrow. ”


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