Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Serbia fully deserve this victory, says Javier Weber

The press conference after the match in Novi Sad

Rodrigo Daniel Quiroga, Captain of the Team of Argentina:
"We played quite a bad match, very unlike the first one. Serbian Team had a different roster and played with the best players in the world. We played practically nothing in the first set. We did improve in the second and were better in the attack but in the third wse were completely in darkness. Serbian Team made no mistakes and taught us how to play. There is so much that we have to do and learn from this kind of matches."

Nikola Grbic, Captain of the Team of Serbia:
"This is my debut in this World League and I felt tired after the first set, which is normal, but I quite recovered. We functioned well together and could communicate well and we thus kept the continuity of the game as the rhythm was stable during the whole match. I am quite satisfied with the result and the way we are coming back to the form. This is a good start and we have enough time to prepare for what is the most important goal for us – Finals in the Belgrade Arena."

Javier Weber, Head Coach of the Argentinian Team:
"First of all I must congratulate Serbian players and my colleague for this great game which was, unfortunately for us only a one-way street. The Serbian Team went on us strongly in attack and service and we completely lost our rhythm. Each ball was guided by the Serbian players and we weren’t able to conceive a good attack. They fully deserved this victory and they are truly among the very best, so this will serve as excellent school for our young team that yet has a lot to learn. We still have chances to return to Belgrade as all is open in the next couple of weeks."

Igor Kolakovic, Head Coach of the Serbian Team:
"I must say that the players came to play this match with a lot of enthousiasm, supported greatly by the lovely audience in the hall that never gave up one single point. From the very start that the players who didn’t play in the previous matches carried an unbelievable energy and aspiration for victory. It was obvious that the famous three went off in a great rhythm and I am so happy that the other boys united with them in a harmonious game that gave excellent result."


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