Sunday, 24 June 2018
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Jeroen Trommel: We played at our bottom level

Netherlands coach Peter Blangé: "With the way Italy played today, they deserved to win. Their tactical plan worked out very well and they exposed our weakest aspects. Dragan Travica and Michal Lasko clearly made the difference in comparison to the two other weekends. When I look back at the first three rounds I am satisfied, because we played against the No. 1, 4 and 5 teams from the Olympics in Beijing. And we are still No. 28 in the world rankings. Three victories and three losses are not bad for us."

Netherlands captain Jeroen Trommel: "It was not hard to see that we could not reach the level we showed against USA and China. This was clearly our bottom level. We have to look and analyze this game very well to learn from it. Italy painfully exposed our weaknesses. Next week we can expect another tough couple of matches. But first we have to look in the mirror."

Italian coach Andrea Anastasi: "It was a very interesting game for us. We played very good volleyball and everything worked out perfectly, like we expected. We lost three matches ahead of this weekend and by winning these games we are still in the tournament. We have to improve step by step, day by day and match by match."

Italian captain Matej Cernic: "Today we won more easily. With the 3-0 victory from yesterday our team was more confident. And therefore we played at a much higher level. The Netherlands didn't play the best matches, so that's why we could win two games in a row."


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