Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Javier Weber: We never gave up

Argentina coach Javier Weber:
"I am very satisfied with the victory against such a great Team. The match itself was very changeable with lot of ups and downs but what I am specially proud of is that my Team never stopped being determined and never gave up, in particular in the 4th set. We did fear the older players but we prepared tactics for them as well."

Igor Kolakovic, coach of Serbia:
"I congratulate for the deserved victory and great determination to win. We showed quality in the first 3 sets when we were good in service and in block but lost the certainty and concentration through small errors. Problem later on appeared in reception and service, but that was because we had to play out all our young players. We need space for the new ones to prove themselves and the way they function and that is what we have planned to do.
New game awaits and new challenge being an opportunity to win."

Rodrigo Daniel Quiroga, captain of Argentina:
"As you said, it is the fifth match that we played in 5 sets but this time it ended with our victory. We are satisfied as we played well, and we could be closer to the Finals if only we could win all games at home. It is a long way still, but we hope for the best."

Nikola Grbic, captain of Serbia:
"Deserved victory of the Argentinians, deserves a congratulation, but both teams showed their ups and downs throughout the match. We had, unfortunately a lot of chances that we never used and continuity that could not be achieved. Congratulations to the Team of Argentina."


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