Tuesday, 26 January 2021
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Alan Knipe: Receiving and distribution won the match

Cristian Savani had a good day but it wasn't good enough for the Italians

Andrea Anastasi (Italy's coach): "My compliments to the U.S. team. They played better with a great defense. Maybe our defense could have been a little bit better, and in attack we could have been more effective. My compliments also to the Catania crowd. They were great."

Matej Cernic (Italy's captain): "It was a different game than the Florence game. We started well in the second set. We were inconsistent and lacked focus for the entire match. The team was good but we need to improve."

David Lee (USA captain): "We are improving day by day. Tonight we fixed our bugs but we need still to improve."

Alan Knipe (USA coach): "After Florence we gained our second success here. I am happy about the match our young players played. We had good receiving and great distribution, which is where I think the match was won."


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