Friday, 22 June 2018
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Igor Kolakovic: Improved Korean play, unforced errors reason for our defeat

Head Coach Kim Ho-Chul, right, responds to a question

Serbia Captain Bojan Janic: "First of all, I would like to congratulate Korea on their victory. It was a very good match. Today we committed many errors in offence and defense. We had many chances to take the advantage but we failed. That is the main reason for todays defeat."


Serbia Head Coach Igor Kolakovic: "I would like to congratulate Korea on their victory. Today we lost the game but I am satisfied with the win yesterday. As the captain mentioned, we made many mistakes especially in serves and spikes and lacked energy and passion.


Yesterday after the second set, we led the game. But today the performance of the Korean team was better and our team made many errors, which were the main reason for the defeat. Their most impressive player was No.3 Kwon yesterday and No.4 Moon today."



Korea Head Coach Kim Ho-Chul: "From last night to this morning, I talked to the players about our loss yesterday, especially about the second set loss when we had many chances to win. And today we were in a similar situation in the second set, but this time we won the set in a deuce. 


I tried to inspire my players and emphasized that they should do their best no matter what the outcome. I also told them about not making many errors in the crucial moments. 


I substituted 3 players at once in the second set to change the rhythm and not to lose the second set like yesterday. And it was successful all the way to the third set. 


We still need to work on our defense, meaning serve reception, digging, not to mention the blocking. We will be able to play well in France next weekend if we improve the defense I mentioned."


Korea Captain Kwon Young-Min: "Today, we served quite well and our blocks were successful. Also our libero Yeo Oh-Hyun and Lim Si-Hyung showed some spectacular digs and very good serve reception. I think they helped us win the game critically."


Moon Sung-Min: "I was not a starter today, but I was substituted in, in the middle of the second set. The substitutions made in the second set were highly successful, and we were able to change the rhythm. 


Last year, I was playing in the World League to learn and get a feel for international volleyball. But this year I am here to win. Our goal is, once again, to reach the final round."

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