Tuesday, 26 January 2021
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Peter Blangé: We won 3-0, but it could easily have been 3-2

Netherlands Head coach Peter Blangé: "It was a very tight match. We kept our heads cool, which is crucial for these kinds of games. In the end we won 3-0, but it could easily have been 3-2. Against the Italians (last weekend), China stayed very close. Because our passing was very good we reached our middle blockers easily. Robert Horstink (17 points) and Kay van Dijk (10) scored a lot of points due to their height advantage."

Netherlands Captain Jeroen Trommel: "I am happy with the 3-0 win. The Chinese have a lot of options and are very hard to battle. They used our hands, during our blocking, very well. Every set was closer than the last and the scoresheet finally shows that two or three points in each set were decisive. I am also very happy with the progression we are making every week. I love to be back in the World League, because every weekend we play against a top opponent in the best atmosphere. The three games we played so far have been exactly what we expected from the World League."

Chinese Head coach Zhou Jianan: "We had a lot of trouble with the rhythm of the Netherlands. They have a lot of different attacks, quick through the middle or high on the outside. Tomorrow we have to pay attention to their style of play. The FIVB ranking does not show the right proportions, because everybody knows that the European continent is the strongest. Our ranking is much higher than the Netherlands, but today you saw that they are ahead of us."

Chinese Captain Shen Qiong: "The middle players caused a lot of problems in our organization. The height of these players is impressive and very hard to defend.  Tomorrow we have to improve to win, but it is possible as last week we surprised Italy in the second match."


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