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Press Conference on June 20, 2009 in Jeonju Indoor Gym. in Korea

Serbian captain Bojan Janic responds to a question

SRB team Head Coach, KOLAKOVIC Igor: "Today's match with KOR team was very difficult for our team as the skillful plays of KOR team made us very confused in the first set. However, my players recovered from the 2nd set and did their job to the end of the match. This is the first time to have a match in Korea but the enthusiastic cheering of spectators was very impressive and good for the match."


Captain, Bojan Janic: "Having watched video tapes and analyzed KOR team plays, we came prepared to play today’s match. But we were very embarrassed in the first set because KOR team played very well without errors. From the second set, we did our play and got our confidence back which helped us keep composure.


Most impressive player of KOR team was No. 4 MOON, Sung-Min. His play was excellent. We tried to block him and served to him, our tactics for him were effective. Tomorrow, we are predicting a very tough game as today, but we will do our best to win the match."


KOR team Head Coach, KIM, Ho-Chul: "We started off well.  We couldn’t keep the momentum, which we should have.  In the second set, we lost focus in decisive moments and lost the set.  Afterwards, their blocks and serves became stronger and our service reception was poor from the third set on. 


We tried several different formations today.  Each of them has its ups and downs.  We lack the attackers with the good service receptions, and that’s a big problem."


Captain, Kwon Young-Min: "Their serves were not so intimidating in the first and second sets.  However, they became so powerful in the third and fourth set.  They also exclusively served to Moon and Kim, Y. H., who are our young, less-experienced, tall wing-spikers.  And our serve reception collapsed."


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