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Press Conference in Nis Sports Hall Cair on Friday, June 12, 2009

Guillaume Samica (France) against the triple block of Serbia

Serbian head coach Igor Kolakovic: "First of all congratulations to France for their excellent game and then to the spectators of Nis, who were our greatest player and supporter. We were not able to present our true attack and defense, but they deserved to win with their experience and fantastic defense. We were unable to defend ourselves against an excellent Samica. In spite of this defeat, we will try to do much better in Belgrade. You can win or lose against this great team, but the goal is to never give up, and that is what we tried to prove tonight and also in the matches to come."

Serbian captain Janic Bojan: "I have to congratulate the French team for showing their true self by playing excellent in defense and attack. We weren't able to find the right response to their attackers. Their level of playing was indeed high but we, for no reason that I can tell, played nowhere near as well as we should have. The least we can do now is try to analyze what we can improve on for the next match on Sunday. I must say that our new player Borislav Petrovic really played excellent for his first match with the National Team."

French head coach Philip Blain: "I am proud of the spirit and the Volleyball my team expressed tonight. This is but the beginning of our World League matches this year. The next match against the Serbian Team in Belgrade and later on in Lille will be extremely difficult. This victory is just one step closer to our goal of qualifying for the Belgrade Finals."

French receiver Guillaume Samica: "It was extremely important to win this first match, especially in Serbia, where we lost the last time we played here. We played in a good way and we succeeded in doing what we desired so much - to beat the Serbian Team."


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