Friday, 22 June 2018
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Bojan Janic: I am proud of my teammates - we fear no one playing like that on the court

Bojan Janic, Igor Kolakovic, Philippe Blain and Marein Moreau at the Press Conference

Serbian Captain Bojan Janic: "It was a good match, I must say. They did not play as the last match two days ago, but they do have the strength that they showed. I regret that we had some injuries that prevented us to show ourselves. They were aggressive in the defense. We entered this match with determination to win, not like in the match on Friday. This is a new Team and we still have a lot to work on. Still the energy and the approach we had during this match should be something we should strive for, whomever we play against. Helped by the supporters as we have been today and two days ago, we have nothing and no one to fear."


French Team Captain Marien Moreau: "We did not play as we wanted, but it is truly difficult to play as hard and strong in three days. This is not an excuse but there were a lot of little things. Our last match was excellent and this time we couldn’t feel the same spirit and the confidence we felt last time Anyway, we showed an excellent match to the spectators of Belgrade and good volleyball is that we strive for."


French Head Coach Philippe Blain: "I have to agree with my Captain that we were not the same Team, as Serbian Team did not play as in Nis. We had an injury of our key player but it was not only due to the spirit we failed to have, our reception was bad, as also the Team of Serbia played great. We found a good solution in the third set, but then the positive feeling of the Serbian Team made their victory in the fourth set evident. Congratulations to the Serbian Team for what they achieved."


Serbian Head Coach Igor Kolakovic: "I should not repeat what all the rest have said until now. But I have to express our satisfaction for the victory as Nis was not something we wished to happen at all. So, the first victory in the World League this year does make us happy. However, I regret the injuries in the French Team as Samica was injured and Marechal wasn’t able to enter the court any more. We therefore felt that we could win them, but we had a lot of problems in the third and fourth set when we were waiting for them to make an error, but now, everything seems very fine as this first victory is behind us."


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