Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Daniele Bagnoli: "It is nice to finish the competition with a victory"


Roberlandy Simon (CUB captain): Cuba didn't play well today, we didn't fight. Me and my teammates spoke before the match. We were eager to do our best and win this medal. In the following weeks and months we should improve and work on our technical and tactical game. I hope that in the next competition we will win a medal.

Sergey Tetykhin (RUS captain): I'm very pleased that we won 3-0 today. We showed team spirit, we found our game and strength after yesterday's defeat to Brazil. We played very well. It is not easy when you are beaten in the semifinals. The team was very unhappy having to play for third place. I can praise our team and I hope we will continue in the same rhythm in the future.

Orlando Samuels Blackwood (CUB head coach): Good evening everybody. This was the fifth match against Russia this year and I think it was the worst. We weren't ready today. We lost very easily. We lost our strength, our concentration and we will try to change that in the future. We are not technically ready to play over a long period of time at the same level. Congratulations to the Russian team for the bronze medal.

Daniele Bagnoli (RUS head coach): First of all, I'd like to say it is nice to finish the competition with a victory. When we lost against Brazil, we decided to try to play better, to do our best and win the medal today. We are ashamed we didn't avoid Brazil in the semifinal. After yesterday's defeat, my team regained its strength today. The second set was crucial today and decisive for the match. We have to obtain all the necessary experience from this tournament and to be better in the future. (What can you say about young player Mikhaylov?) He is probably the biggest talent on my team. He didn't play the first match in the first round of the World League. He needs experience, he needs to work on his technique, but I'm sure he will be one of the best players in the future.


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