Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Nikola Grbic: "We played patiently, we never gave up"


Roberlandy Simon (CUB captain): We entered the court eager to win this match, but didn't manage to do so. At first we played well, but Serbia was the better team. Serbia deserved the victory. Overall, I am satisfied with our performance in World League. We have to be strong in order to win the bronze.

Nikola Grbic (SRB captain): First I'd like to congratulate Cuba for the good game tonight. They started well in this match. We were not bad in the first set, but we were out of sync. I think that we had an excellent reaction after the first set. We played patiently and we never gave up. After the first set we found our game. We stayed in the game, after losing the first set, and won the match in the end. (What do you think about Brazil?) Brazil is traditionally a country of great Volleyball players. They are missing a few players, but we shouldn't think about that. I am not surprised to see them where they are. We should be patient, clever, calm. What will they do is out of our hands. We will play in the final tomorrow, and that's all that matters.

Orlando Samuels (CUB head coach): Good evening everyone. Congratulations to Serbia for the victory. They will be fighting for the gold medal and I wish them luck. They played at their level, but we lack experience. We have a young, inexperienced team. We had a lot of ups and downs during the match. We played an excellent first set but our game fell apart in the second set. In the third, we had our chances but we didn't realize them.

Igor Kolakovic (SRB head coach): First of all, thanks for the congratulations. I must repeat myself again, but every time we play in Belgrade, I have to mention the wonderful crowd we have here. We played a difficult match against Cuba, although this is not seen from the result. They missed crucial points and we took advantage of it. I am very proud of my team. (Will Bojan Janic be ready for tomorrow?) He played below his average tonight, but he was eager, searching from Nikola Grbic to get the ball to decide the match. He is very brave and he is a psychologically important part of our team. I can say that I think that he will be ready.


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