Saturday, 19 September 2020
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Daniele Bagnoli: "Brazil taught us a lesson"


Giba (BRA captain): I'm very satisfied that we qualified for the final. We need to see who we will play tomorrow. Today's match was a surprise for us: an easy victory against such a strong team as Russia. Brazil played without mistakes and had good serves and reception. I was hoping that we could win, but I didn't expect it would be so easy, maybe 3-2. Everybody played as one and that is the power of Brazilian team. We now need to focus on tomorrow's match.

Sergey Tetyukhin (RUS captain): First of all, I want to congratulate the team of Brazil. As for the match, Brazil played better in defense, we lost a lot of points in the attack. We didn't manage to find our game. Overall, this representation of Russia cannot play at the level of the Brazilian team. Brazil deserved to win this match, there's no doubt about it.

Bernardo Rezende (BRA head coach): I am more than satisfied and relieved. We felt a lot of pressure. People wanted to see the result. I'm surprised how the team reacted to the pressure. We didn't know where were we standing. We weren't very strong in blocking and serving a few years ago. We improved it and the team played very well. I'm very glad for the work that we have done in the past two months. As for Russia, they didn't manage to find their way of playing. We played a very good match yesterday and today, but we should think about tomorrow and wait for the result of the second match.

Daniele Bagnoli (RUS head coach): Congratulations to Brazilians for the great victory. They played an excellent match. This is a clear and flawless result, they taught us a lesson, how a team has to play these days. There's so much we have to learn from this match. It is hard to play against Brazil, we managed to stay close, but at crucial points we lost the advantage. We committed a lot of errors, Brazil played very well in blocking. We made mistakes in attack. They are very strong in counterattacks. We played very poorly in defense. We are disappointed. This was a clear Brazilian victory.


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