Saturday, 26 May 2018
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"I think we could have played much better" said Russian captain Tetyukhin


Grbic Nikola (SRB captain) - I have to say that I'm very pleased, not only for the victory, but for the way we won it. At every set we had to chase the result, only in the third set this wasn't the case. This is the characteristic of mature, patient team. I know we can play in the same manner tomorrow, but I hope that we will play even better. (What do you think about Cuba?) Cuban team isn't here by chance. They were first in the preliminary round with Russia and Bulgaria. They have young team, they are physically strong. We will study their game, we have the material. I hope we will be ready for tomorrow's match.

Sergey Tetyukhin Sergey (RUS captain) - As for the match, I think we could have played much better. We comitted a lot of mistakes, especially towards the end of the set. We could have lead 3,4 points and still lose the set. I hope that psychologically we will be more prepared for Brasil.

Kolakovic (SRB head coach) - Thanks for the congratulations. I have to say Serbia played tonight with all its heart and soul, very important factor was wonderfull audience in arena. The crowd raised us. I am very pleased how we played towards the end of each set, we didn't quit  at any point. (Did you saved Janic for tomorrow?) I didn't save him. He couldn't play, because he injured his quadriceps muscle. We will see. We need him healthy but we have great players.

Bagnoli (RUS head coach) -  First of all I'd like to congratulate with the Serbian team for the victory, they showed us how to play in transition. In this part of the match we were very bad. I'm very sorry, I'm disappointed, we could have won this match 3-0. We played well until one point in the set, and  towards the end of the set we lose easy points. Serbia deserved to win, they played better defence, they played more intelligent. Once again, congratulations to Serbia. (Is it a problem for your team playing day for day?) It's not a problem, we have 14 players, and they are very strong.

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