Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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"I hope that Rodrigao will be ready for tomorrow", said Rezende


Rodrigo Daniel Quiroga (ARG captain):
I have to say that I'm very sad because we didn't manage to qualify for the semifinals but Brazil today was the superior team. We didn't play very well and I think we have a lot of work in front of us to reach the level of play that Brazil is currently playing at. I think we are still young and inexperienced and still learning from our mistakes. I wish the Brazilian team luck and hope they progress far at this tournament.

Giba (BRA captain): It was a curious match. Every time we play against Argentina it is so difficult. They have good defense and are a good attacking team and we have to be careful playing them. I think we were concentrated on how dangerous they are and we played well, better than yesterday. Now we have to wait to see who we will play in the semifinal and study the team and forget what happened in the past. We have two very important matches ahead of us and we can be in or out. And for sure we want to stay in the tournament.
(Would you prefer playing Serbia or Russia in the semifinals?) It's a good question. They are both dangerous teams. I saw Serbia play very well two days ago against the United States. I don't know. I don't know which is better.

Javier Weber (ARG head coach): I would like to congratulate Brazil on their victory. They deserved this victory. They were better in all segments of the game, especially in the attack. We played better defense than in the match with Cuba, but we played badly in reception so Brazil knew to use that to their advantage. I'm very satisfied with our overall performance in this edition of the world league and I hope we will continue to improve our game and hopefully reach a higher level in the near future.

Bernardo Rezende (BRA head coach): I want to say that as a rival, it is hard to see Argentina growing so fast and so well. I think this Argentina team, a young team, is honoring the tradition of the best Argentina teams. They all have a sense of the great players, the heritage they have. In defense they were just amazing today. We saw great rallies and the protagonist in most cases was Argentina. Maybe they made a little more mistakes than us but I think they are back at the top level to stay and to grow and do good things. I think there will be a great rivalry again in South America with Argentina and Venezuela.
As for our team, we played a good match. We were not as consistent in attack-our opposite was not as consistent as the other day-but the only drawback was Rodrigao pulled a triceps muscle and we don't if he will be ready for tomorrow. It is good to be in the Top 4 again with a new team, new setter, new blocker. It is good for us to see the team playing at a high level. We don't know who we will play tomorrow but they are both good teams, different teams, but maybe the best teams in the World League. We hope to continue playing well and we'll see what happens tomorrow.


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