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Nis, July 17, 2009 – In a four set match in the Sports Hall Cair in Nis, Team succeeded in wishes of the Serbian Team to achieve ever more points against the Team of Korea with 20:25, 25:19, 25:20 and 25:22 in an hour and a half. The boiling atmosphere of Sports Hall “CAIR” in all senses helped the Serbian Team win the match and 3 points more in the last week-end of the World League 2009 Intercontinental Round as both teams played and showed the real spectacular volleyball that can be seen in the World League.


The home town of Ivan Miljkovic offered their best hospitality and supported their team but the Korean Team with good defense and Kim with kills from the center made quite an advantage in the first part of the set leading with two points to the first TTO. In spite of TO of Igor Kolakovic, Head Coach of the Serbian Team, the Serbian Team couldn’t find the right response to a very enthousiastic Korean Team that returned almost every ball. Serbian Team struggled to return the services and spike the ball not to allow the Koreans to defend it. In 23 minutes, Korean Team succeeded in winning the first set with 25:20.

The second set started with more composure of the Serbian Team, but still the Koreans were able to pass through and collect the balls that were practically lost. Leading at the beginning the point difference evaporated and it was the block that defended the Serbian Team. Korean attack worked very well and it was the support of the spectators that lifted them up enough to have a 3 point difference for the second TTO. This time it was Head Coach Park who was forced to take a TO at18:14, as the block and Miljkovic’s spikes started working again. Not even the second TO could help them reach the result they had in the first set and in spite of tactical changes that Park made, the result was still 4 point difference for the Serbian Team. It was Miljkovic that spiked on the Korean block for the 24th and the set point in 24 minutes.

The third set was played hard by both sides. Killing spikes of Miljkovic and Stankovic, block of Kim and Lim, diagonals of Kovacevic and they followed each other. Unbelievable point following a great service led the Serbian Team to the first TTO. Couple of good actions, a strange ace of Nikola Grbic and they led by 4 points. Park kept substituting players but the 3 points remained to the second TTO. But as Serbian Team improved reception and continued with points, Park called for a TO. Three man block Stankovic, Miljkovic, Janic showed how the “standard” block should work, building up points for the Serbian Team. As Koreans started approaching Kolakovic called for a TO, but Moon not only served incredibly well but spiked scoring more points. Improved reception and cruelly hard spikes of Miljkovic, including some aces, kept the result high above and earned the Serbian Team another set in 25 minutes.

Moon on the service and spiking presented a threat to the Serbian Team. Both Teams started strong on their opponents. Outstanding rally ending with a Miljkovic-Stankovic block brought the Serbian Team to the first TTO. Spectacular points and delight for the supporters that knew how to be grateful taking their team to the victory. It seemed that playing Korean Team softly had more impact and earned more points to the Serbian Team, but they were a hard nut to crack. Janic and Podrascanin earned the 16th point that led them to the bench with a 7 point difference. Then Park tried with substitutions. Usually it was Moon and Lim that found space to pass the Serbian block. Koreans compensated their lack of height by staying incredibly high and long in the air and it resembled a dance. As Koreans reduced the difference to 3 points only, Kolakovic called for a TO, especially as Moon served. Some tactical substitutions on both sides and with 2 point difference for the Serbian Team Park asked for TO after which Miljkovic spiked out, but the next spike was much for successful taking the Serbian Team to their first set and match ball which was given by an error of the Korean player.


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