Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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A thrilling match won by Serbia 2-3 puts Pool B definition on the last weekend of the Intercontinental Round with Argentina facing France

Starovic spiking against Garcia and Arroyo

Formosa, Argentina, June 11th, 2009 – Argentina dream to qualify for the Final Round thanks to its own effort is nearer when the first set finishes 25-16. But Serbia fights from behind twice to finish on a tie-break definition 2-3  (25-16, 21-25, 25-21, 20-25, 10-15).  Now it is time to wait for the two matches of the last round, Argentina vs. France.


Pool B could not be more even.  Serbia, that qualified for the final berth due to organizing the Final Round stands with 16 points, Argentina with 15 and France with 14, while Korea last with 9.  Argentina and France won their first matches of the fifth weekend of the Intercontinental Round of the 2009 FIVB World League by straight 3-0 scores, and one of the two could also win the trip to Beograd, Serbia, on the last weekend, played among them, in San Juan Aldo Cantoni Stadium, Argentina, July 16th-17th.  Both want to clinch the place so today’s match between Argentina and Serbia is vital for the light blue-white jersey team.


The first set starts with Alejandro Spajic blocking and then, a Serbian spike showing it would be again a very struggle match.  Garcia gave Argentina the first two point lead 3-1, but soon with Marko Podrascanin blocking the set gets level 3-3.  Again local lead with a spike and two aces of De Cecco, added to a Serbian mistake when the score is 7-3 makes Igor Kolakovic ask his first TO.  A new blocking and the 1st. TOO arrives 8-3.  A lot of playing volume gives Argentine the 9th point and the overcrowded stadium, with people still getting into it, exploits.  Argentine brilliant output makes Igor start changing players. The score shows 14-6 and Igor changes again.  All fundamental skills work as a Swiss watch and the 2nd. TTO score is 16-7. The second TO is asked by the visiting team 18-9 to finish 25-16. Argentina scores 6 points with 3 blocking and 3 aces, and 17 spikes (against Serbian 1-2-11).


The second set starts level and again both teams play to their best without making nearly no mistakes at the beginning.  Killing spikes give Argentina always a slight lead even by the visiting team when the 1st. TTO arrives 8-6. The local team has the lead but the same one is of only, 1-2 points, always with Serbia trying to overlap it.  The first lead of the visiting team is 14-15 reaching the 2nd. TTO 14-16.  Thereafter the same lead happens but on the other side of the net.  Arroyo ace makes Igor ask one of his TO 18-19 after a three point lead.  Weber asks one of his TO 19-22.  The first set ball 20-24 is saved by Argentina but Sasa Starovic closes it 21-25.  At this point both teams nearly no scored blocking 2-1 and with no aces made a lot of mistakes (9 gave away Argentina and 6 Serbia).  No doubt both teams are playing another match.


On the third set, Serbia gets the first point and also the lead, that is level by Argentine once and again until the local teams gets it, changing hands until the first two point difference is won with Garcia spike 5-3.  Igor asks his TO with a mistake spiking 6-3 but Argentina seemed to have recovered the concentration and the outstanding output to arrive to the 1st. TTO 8-5. Javier asks one of his TO 15-13 after a great recovery of Serbia shortening the difference again to only 2 points. The 2nd. TTO 16-13.   Igor asks his TO 18-15.  Javier asks his last TO 21-20. A questionable ball gives Argentina the chance to close it and it does so 25-21.


For the forth set beginning nothing changed. Leading changes side and balls and points are fought one by one. The 1st. TTO arrived 8-7 after the local team had a 3 point lead but Serbia never stops fighting and their blocking becomes the strongest weapon. Javier asks a TO after Serbia gets a 2 point difference 10-12 that becomes 14-16 on the 2nd. TTO.  Argentina asks a new TO 15-20 when it seems the match heads towards a five set definition.  It finishes with Argentina not finding its own path, even though it fights at the end, 20-25.


The definitive set is also a struggle between two strong teams.  Javier needs a TO 1-4 but every time Argentina scores the same does Serbia and they change sides 3-8.  Serbian’s coach asks one TO 5-8.  Chavez ace scoring 7-9 gives some hope to the local team and thereafter one point is scored side by side.  The local team asks his second TO 9-13 to end 10-15. 


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