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Argentina wins a priceless match vs. Serbia 3-1

Argentina celebrating in Formosa

Formosa, Argentina, July 10, 2009 – After a passion and intensive match today’s victory in the north of the country, next to Paraguay border, is for the Argentine team defeating Serbia by 3-1 (25-22, 27-25, 21-25, 25-18).  Tomorrow, at the same time, 9:00 pm local time, the second match will be played, again lived broadcast by ESPN+ and Channel 7. Today’s match is no doubt a spur for the Argentine Men Team that comes with the confidence of defeating last weekend Korea by a straight 3-0 and knows that each point could mean a do-or-die contest towards the clinch of a place for the Final Round of the 2009 FIVB World League. Therefore, Javier Weber team steps onto the field with a hone, positive and aggressive attitude, while Korea vs. France (the other two teams on Pool B) first match of the fifth weekend of the Intercontinental Round will be played tomorrow.

The local raving of 5,850 fans starts with the audience cheering as soon as the light blue – white jersey team gets into the field for the warm-up with an only shout “Argentina, Argentina, we are locals once more” and then, a whistling, as expected, for the income of the visiting team of Serbia.  After the presentation of the teams, a colorful mascot with a very moving music – that even makes the Serbian manager dance – is shown and the match started.

Argentina’s spike and blocking scores the first two points of the first set.  Then a serving mistake and a new blocking puts the lead 3-1.  Sasa Starovic scores the first point of his team leveling Maric Goran the score 4-4 with the first ace of the night, followed by an Argentine one immediately but Serbia got its first lead at the 1st. TTO 7-8.  Argentina regains the lead 10-9 but the struggle point by point goes on with the lead changing hands on several occasions. The 2nd. TTO board is 16-15 and when Argentina gets a 2 point light 19-17 Igor Kolakovic asks one of his TO.  The same distance is kept on the crunching points and a mistake spiking of Sasa makes the coach ask his second TO.   Serbia starts making substitutions and it is time for Weber to ask one TO 23-22.  Gustavo Scholtis ace closes the set 25-22.

Again an ace, this time of Quiroga opens the second set but from the start a level performance and serving mistakes of Serbia keeps the fight for the leadership. De Cecco ace puts the set 6-2 when Serbia requests one TO. The first TTO shows 8-6 but very quickly the score is leveled at 9-9 with the visiting team getting the first lead 9-10.  Nothing much changes from the first set and the fight point by point, changing hands the lead starts once more. When Serbia gets 11-13, Weber asks a TO. 2nd. TTO shows 14-16.  At no time rally length points can be seen, both teams play very quickly and score fast.  Serbia uses the bench 16-16.  This time Serbia arrives first to the decisive points with a 2 point difference level by the local time 23-23 when Igor asks one TO.  Moving  end when Milos Nikic mistake closes the set 27-25.

A colorful local music and dresses gives a break before the start of the third set. Until now, Argentina’s aggressive serving is the best weapon while Serbia helps more the local team not being accurate with the same mainstay, and Sasa is the best scorer with 14 points.  On the third set the equality is from the start and the first difference of more of one point is shown 5-3 leveled 6-6 with Milos ace. The 1st. TTO is 7-8 due to Argentine mistake serving. Serbia gets a 2 point difference widen 11-14 when Weber asks a TO. The 2nd. TTO is 13-16.  A three point lead becomes 4, 16-20 when the Argentine coach asks a new TO.  Argentina urgency to finish the matvch and Serbia’s fighting to go on closes the set 21-25.  In this set the local team does not score serving while Serbia does (2).

The fourth set lead by Argentina keeps the struggle for the leadership.  No more than 2-3 points difference when the 1st. TTO 8-5 is reached. And then Scholtis scores an ace and Igor asks his TO 10-5 when all Argentina’s mainstays work. Serbia tries to change 12-5 with substitutions but Argentina’s blocking is an unbreakable wall.  Spajic does not stop enjoying blocking and 14-5 is when Igor asks his second TO.  The distance gets shorter by the 2nd. TTO 16-8.  Arroyo’s ace scorers 20-11 and the bench on both sides of the net is used to close the set 25-18.     



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