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Argentina moves into second with victory over Korea

Argentina celebrates moving into second place in Pool B

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 5, 2009 - With France losing both its matches in Round 4, Argentina and Korea knew Sunday's clash in Luna Park would be vital to their chances of advancing to the Final Round of the 2009 FIVB World League in Serbia later this month.

Argentina apparently wanted victory more, flattening Korea in straight sets 31-29, 25-20, 25-23 in front of 8,650 fans.

Serbia now leads Pool B with 16 points, followed by Argentina with 12, France with 11 and Korea with 9. Argentina will play its last four matches of the Intercontinental Round at home.

With Moon ace starts the first set followed by a mistake of the same server.  Immediately the local team gets the lead 3-1 and with killing blocking from the Argentine side and defenseless spikes of both teams the 1st. TOO arrives very soon 8-5 but Korea coming from behind equals 8-8. Blocking and serving are, no doubt, the best weapons of both teams with little errors, only serving and the set keeps fought point by point until Argentina gets the lead again, in front of a incredible audience, 14-12 when Ho-Chul Kim asks his first TTO. As yesterday, Chul-Woo Park scores but the lead is kept by the local team on the 2nd. TTO 16-14. Changes start moving the benches, trying to keep good blocking.  Kim asks his second TO 21-19.  A doubtful touch of the net puts the set 21-20 and Javier Weber asks his first TO 23-23.  More excitement goes on and Korea gets the lead 25-26 when Weber asks his last TO to finish with an incredible 31-29 when Park hits outside the lines of the Argentine side. Garcia and Spajic scored 6 points while the best one was Park with 8.

Argentina leads 2-0 when Kim starts replacing players and goes on with the score 6-4. The 1st. TOO gives the local team a three point lead 8-5. Serving on both sides is the weakest output that helps the teams.  García spike widens the difference to four, 11-7 and Spajik blocking scores one more. One more spike of García makes the atmosphere delirious when the board shows 13-8. A small Korean recovery can not stop the outstanding Argentine whole team performance and the 2nd. TTO arrives 16-11.  With Moon serving the distance becomes shorter to 20-17 to last very little and become a fast 22-17 to end 25-20 for the glory of the local team that leads the series 2-0. Argentina never lost the lead on the set not allowing Korea to get back into the set.

The third set can be the turn set for Korea or the victory of the light blue-white jersey team, everything is at stake and both teams fight each ball as if it would be the last one but Argentina gets the first 2 point difference 4-2.  All spikes go to Park hoping to get the lead and the set equals at 5-5. The local team never looses the confidence and with Scholtis ace arrives the 1st. TTO 8-5. Park becoming the star of the visiting team, well sparred by Moon score a couple of points but Argentina does not rest and the struggle is again point by point on both sides of the net but the local team gets some fresh air and the 2nd. TTO score is 16-12. Kim asks his first TO 17-15.  All the weight on Korea team is again at both wing spikers, Park and Moon and Weber must ask one of his TO 20-20. Emotion and more emotion put the set with all the hearts and claws of the players 23-23 to close 25-23.


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