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Korea pips Argentina 3-2

Park (28 points) led Korea to victory in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 4, 2009 – A Korean victory 2-3 (30-32, 20-25, 25-21, 25-22, 10-15) in the return of the Argentine Men Team to the mystic Luna Park Stadium, crowded with about 8,000 fans of both countries Argentina and Korea, are welcomed with people making the queue long before the start of an impressive exciting match and people cheering all over the field already on the warm-up, for first time live broadcasted by two channels, ESPN+ and Channel 7.


With the Korean captain, Kwon Young-Min serving, the visiting team gets the first three points and even with the local team scoring, Javier Weber asks his first TO 3-6 after two non-forced errors serving and spiking.  With a middle player attack the 1st. TTO arrives 5-8.  The difference was maintained 6-9 but an outstanding spike of Scholtis and an ace of Garcia shortened it to 8-10.  Meana jumps over the side advertisement to defend the ball 11-14 but luckily did not hurt himself and could return to the field.  12-16 was the 2nd. TOO with the Korean hundreds of fans making feel they are local.  Conte and Filardi replace Quiroga and Garcia, and with the score 15-17 it is Ho-Chul Kim that asks his TO. The point with more volume came to level the set 18-18.  Thereafter it is a rollercoaster of one point leadership 20-20 and bench players are included on both teams. The same behavior (changes) are maintained 30-30 to close 30-32 with an outstanding fighting attitude on both sides of the net.  Arroyo, Scholtis and Moon score 6 points each.


Second set starts also with the leadership of the visiting team but always only by one or two points but their confidence puts them 2-5.  The hard Korean blocking and digging allows them to maintain the difference to 5-8 on the 1st. TTO.  Filardi replaces Quiroga 7-9.  Nothing much changes, mostly due to local non-forced errors (specially serving) and the great concentration of the Korean team but Scholtis levels 15-15 and the 2nd. TTO 15-16 score was once more equal with Scholtis spiking 17-17.  With claws over all, Kim team puts the set 19-21 when Weber asks his first TO and very soon 19-23 when the local coach asks the second one but it is not enough and after a very questioned ball the set finishes 20-25, putting the series 0-2 even though Argentine mistakes are much less (4 vs. 1) than from the first set (10 vs. 3). 


An acrobatic show gives some fresh air between the second and third sets with actors jumping from the sky and huge drums as part of the entertainment.  A whole circus of over 50 people overruns the field for the enjoyment of the audience at the stadium.


The third set was vital and both teams knew it.  For the first time in the evening the first point in a set was scored by Argentina.  The precision and power made a fight point by point and the 1st. TTO was reached 7-8 with Argentina returning to the lead 10-9.  The local team gets a wider lead 16-13 on the 2nd. TTO.  Kim asks for a TO 19-15.  Argentina confidence grows and the set score is 21-15.  Korea shortens the difference 21-18 when Weber asks one of his TO. The set finishes 25-21 and now the local team needs a new set victory to fight a new five set match.

On the fourth set also
Argentina finds the lead first, 2-0 very soon leveled 2-2.  The positive attitude and concentration puts it again 4-2 and then 6-3 for the local team, but Korea does not stop fighting and gets to the 1st. TTO 7-8.   Once again the struggle goes point by point with the lead changing sides.  Weber asks a TO 13-15 when for the first time the difference is of two points for the visiting team.  He gets results and the set level 15-15 ends 15-16 in the 2nd. TTO.  Filardi replaces Conte and an ace and a four touch ball puts the set 20-18 when Kim asks a TO. The excitement inside and outside the field does not stop and Weber asks a TO 23-22. “One more point and we don’t want more” comes from most of the throats to end 25-22.


The fifth and definite set starts with a 4 lead for Korea and Weber asks a TO because ‘as long as the ball keeps flying’ there is hope and Argentina reacts, first 1-4, then 2-4 to level with Scholtis and Spajic attitude 4-4. Kim asks his TO 5-4 with an ace of Arroyo.  The rest helps the visiting team to get a 5-8 score when changing sides.  Korea confidence puts it 6-11 to end mainly due to Argentine serving errors 10-15 with Korea victory.      



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