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Serbian gold legends drill for the young and promising Argentinian team in the frantic Novi Sad

Andrija Geric (SRB) blocks Lucas Samuel Ocampo (ARG)

Novi Sad, June 26, 2009 – Joyful and enthousiastic atmosphere created in the great hall of SBS Vojvodina won the Serbian Team another victory in the Pool B of the WL Intercontinental Round with the result of 25:15, 27:25 and 25:19 in a little more than one hour of the game enjoyed so much by all.

Novi Sad and their lovely audience had this year only this chance to see their favourite volleyball team play and the opportunity to watch the very best of volleyball with the golden legends playing in the Serbian roster.

Uneasy about the Team that changed from the one in the first match, now playing with 3 Olympic Champions in the first six, Nikola Grbic, Andrija Geric and Ivan Miljkovic, Argentina started with a very high point difference, as in only 5 minutes, Serbian Team reached the first TTO with 8:1. They were swept from the court. Unbearable result of 12:3 forced Argentinian Coach Weber to call for a TO. With a service not as hard as in the previous match, a lot of service errors, failing to concentrate and response to the tactics of a combined Serbian Team, Argentina was not able to reach the level they had, and in no time, the Serbian Team reached the second TTO with 16:7. It was great how Geric approached this match, 150th in his 12th World League. With his fantastic services he ruined the rhythm of the young Team from Argentina. They recovered after the second TTO with the services of Luciano De Cecco but not for long. It was the excruciating strength of service of Goran Maric and spikes of both Miljkovic and Podrascanin that made life difficult for the Team of Argentina that lost its intensity and concentration. Too many service errors and the first set ball of the Serbian Team was lost in a service error, but Andrija Geric finished the set with a result of 25:15 in 19 minutes.

Great volleyball in the second set played highly by both Teams. The Argentinian Team decreased the number of errors compared to the first set (13), which was enough, together with a replacement of the receiver (Filardi instead of Captain Quiroga) to threaten the Serbian Team. However, in the whole sete, the tone of the game was dictated by Ivan Miljkovic who was in his good mood and unstoppable in the attack. After the first TTO the guest Team succeeded in making one point difference. They did recover from the shock of the greatness of the Serbian Team and came point after point to equal them. Experience of the great three and the endeavor of the young favourites of Novi Sad helped them to the second TTO. Alejandro Spajic and Gustavo Federico Scholtis were the ones who were able to respond and pass through the block. At 18:18 Igor Kolakovic reacted with a TO to help them out to come back. Finishing the set, the guests led 21:20, but the more experienced Serbian Team, supported strongly by the audience, gathered the nerve and the strength to triumph again with 27:25, as the excellent Miloš Nikic blocked Federico Scholtis ending the set in 25 minutes.

The start of the third set looked more like that of the first and at 5:1 Weber called the Team for a TO and to stop the services of Geric. The strong rhythm imposed by Serbia announced an express victory. Fantastic point 7 gave Miljkovic full power of shooting to 8:2 and the first TTO. Excellent reception of the Serbian Team gathered points, with the score added by very playful Geric. Argentinians were without their well-known moral, already tired from three weeks tour made errors one after the other, that were so very easily punished by the local hero Goran Maric from Novi Sad, who returned to the National Team after many years. Unbelieavably they played, reminding the audience of what a fantastic Team they have been and still are. At 19:12 Weber could do nothing more than call his players for the other TO. After a service error of Uriarte (23:16) Geric missed the ball with his service error and the Argentinians put up a block. Just a couple of excellent defenses and killing counter attacks were enough for the Serbian Team to end their job calmly and relatively easily get to the third victory in the World League Pool B, as Podrascanin spiked over all and in the middle of non-believing Team of Argentina settled the match, supported enormously by their favourite spectators in Novi Sad who never stopped cheering.


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