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Brazil defeats Finland 3-0 in Brasilia and remains unbeaten

Brazil defeats Finland 3-0 in Brasilia and remains unbeaten

Brasilia, Brazil, June 20, 2009 – In a totally different match from the previous one between the teams, Brazil won Finland 3-0 (25-17, 25-19 and 25-20) here Saturday in the fourth match of the FIVB World League 2009. The match was played at Nilson Nelson Gymnasium, in Brasilia, same stage of the first meeting between the teams, on Friday, when Brazil won 3-2.

With the result, unbeaten Brazil keeps ranking first in pool D, now with 11 points and four wins. Finland is the third placed, with four points, same punctuation of Venezuela, ranked second. Poland has two points. Venezuelan and Polish will play their fourth match in the tournament here Sunday at Domo Jose Maria Vargas Gymnasium, in Caracas.

Brazilian opposite Leandro Vissoto was the top scorer of the match with 12 points, one more than Finnish opposite Mikko Oivanen.

Brazil started the second match with a different formation from the previous one, as wing-spiker Giba, middle-blocker Rodrigao and apposite Rivaldo were replaced by Thiago Alves, Sidao and Leandro Vissoto, respectively. For its side, the Finnish Team kept the same players.

Counting on the motivation of its young players, Brazil scored 5-2 with "giant" Leandro Vissoto spiking powerfully. With good block power and making fewer mistakes than Friday’s match, the team led by Head Coach Bernardo Rezende found no difficulties to have a 16-10 lead in the second timeout when Lucas Saatkamp stopped Matti Oivanen in the net. Keeping the consistency until the end of the frame, Brazil closed in 25-17 with captain Murilo Endres scoring a serve point.

In the second partial, Brazil started better again and went to the first technical timeout with an 8-6 lead with Lucas Saatkamp spiking. With his powerful serves and Leandro Vissoto and Sidao closing the net, Brazil achieved a big advantage: 11-7. Handling with Finnish strong serves, Brazil had calm enough to win the second set 25-19 with Sidao hitting the line with an amazing serve.

The third set, Brazil took advantage of its good block power to obtain an 11-8 in the beginning of the frame. In the second technical timeout, the scoreboard showed 16-11 in favor of the South American after a spike of Murilo Endres. In the end, Murilo spiked to confirm the South American win: 25-20.

In the third weekend of the FIVB World League 2009, Brazil will play without its fans for the first time as South American will face Poland next Saturday and Sunday at New City Hall, in Lodz. The Finns will host their first home matches in the tournament as the European will play against Venezuela next Friday and Saturday, at Tampere Ice Hall, in Tampere.


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