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FIVB confirms 2008 World League match schedule

Poland's Michal Winiarski receives during the 2007 FIVB World League

Lausanne, April 3, 2008 – The FIVB has approved the match schedule for the 2008 World League, Volleyball's flagship annual event involving the world's best Men's Volleyball players.

The 2008 edition will involve 16 National Teams playing 96 matches over six consecutive weekends in 41 cities across the globe and competing for more than USD 20 million in Prize Money.

The six Intercontinental Rounds begin the weekend of June 13-15 and end the weekend of July 18-20. The 16 participating teams are divided into four pools, with each team playing their pool opponents twice over a weekend both home and away.

The Final Round will be contested by six teams playing a total of 10 matches in Rio de Janeiro through July 23-27. The Finals will include Brazil as organizing country, the winners of each pool and a wild card chosen by the FIVB from the best second-ranked teams in the Intercontinental Rounds.

Brazil will be looking for their sixth-straight World League triumph and will warm-up for the Final Round in Pool A against France, Serbia and Venezuela, who return to the competition for the first time since 2005. If Brazil finish top of their pool, the second-ranked team will advance to the Final Round.

Another success for the Brazilians would mean they match Italy for most World League victories with eight. Italy and Brazil are the only teams to compete in all 18 editions of competition up to 2007.

Among those standing in the South American team’s way are Russia, silver medallists in 2007 and winners in 2002, and USA, who claimed bronze last year.

The World League, started by the FIVB in 1990, is a spectacular showcase for the crème de la crème of Men’s Volleyball. The total attendance for the 2007 edition was 637,000 fans, with 2,244 hours of TV coverage and more than 1 billion TV viewers for the Finals, with 757 hours of live TV coverage.

FIVB 2008 World League pool composition:


Pool A: Brazil (BRA), France (FRA), Serbia (SRB), Venezuela (VEN)

Pool B: Russia (RUS), Cuba (CUB), Korea (KOR), Italy (ITA)

Pool C: USA, Bulgaria (BUL), Spain (ESP), Finland (FIN)

Pool D: Poland (POL), Japan (JPN), China (CHN), Egypt (EGY)


FIVB 2008 World League match schedule:


* All times are local


Weekend 1: June 13-15

Pool A

BRA-SRB, 14 June, 10:00, Sao Paulo

BRA-SRB, 15 June, 10:00, Sao Paulo

VEN-FRA, 14 June, 15:30, Caracas

VEN-FRA, 15 June, 14:30, Caracas
Pool B

CUB-ITA, 13 June, 20:40, Havana

CUB-ITA, 14 June, 20:40, Havana

KOR-RUS, 14 June, 14:00, Suwon

KOR-RUS, 15 June, 14:00, Suwon

Pool C

FIN-USA, 13 June, 18:30, Espoo

FIN-USA, 14 June, 18:30, Espoo

BUL-ESP, 14 June, 17:30, Varna

BUL-ESP, 15 June, 17:30, Varna

Pool D

EGY-POL, 13 June, 20:00, Alexandria

EGY-POL, 14 June, 20:00, Alexandria

CHN-JPN, 14 June, 20:00, Chengdu

CHN-JPN, 15 June, 15:00, Chengdu


Weekend 2: June 20-22

Pool A

FRA-BRA, 20 June, 20:30, Paris

FRA-BRA, 21 June, 20:30, Paris

VEN-SRB, 21 June, 15:30, Caracas

VEN-SRB, 22 June, 14:30, Caracas

Pool B

CUB-RUS, 20 June, 20:40, Havana

CUB-RUS, 21 June, 20:40, Havana

KOR-ITA, 21 June, 14:00, Ulsan

KOR-ITA, 22 June, 14:00, Ulsan

Pool C

USA-BUL, 20 June, 19:00, Hoffman Estates

USA-BUL, 21 June, 19:00, Hoffman Estates

ESP-FIN, 21 June, 19:30, Valladolid

ESP-FIN, 22 June, 12:30, Valladolid

Pool D

EGY-JPN, 20 June, 20:00, Alexandria

EGY-JPN, 21 June, 20:00, Alexandria

CHN-POL, 21 June, 20:00, Chengdu

CHN-POL, 22 June, 15:00, Chengdu


Weekend 3: June 27-29

Pool A

FRA-SRB, 27 June, 20:30, Lyon

FRA-SRB, 28 June, 18:30, Lyon

VEN-BRA, 28 June, 15:30, Caracas

VEN-BRA, 29 June, 14:30, Caracas

Pool B

ITA-RUS, 26 June, 18:00, Firenze

ITA-RUS, 28 June, 18:30, Roma

CUB-KOR, 27 June, 20:40, Havana

CUB-KOR, 28 June, 20:40, Havana

Pool C

ESP-BUL, 27 June, 20:30, Madrid

ESP-BUL, 29 June, 12:30, Pinto Madrid

USA-FIN, 27 June, 19:00, Green Bay

USA-FIN, 28 June, 19:00, Green Bay

Pool D

JPN-POL, 28 June, 15:00, Tokyo

JPN-POL, 29 June, 14:00, Tokyo

CHN-EGY, 28 June, 20:00, Chengdu

CHN-EGY, 29 June, 15:00, Chengdu


Weekend 4: July 4-6

Pool A

SRB-BRA, 4 July, 20:30, Beograd

SRB-BRA, 6 July, 20:30, Novi Sad

FRA-VEN, 4 July, 20:30, Toulouse

FRA-VEN, 5 July, 18:00, Toulouse

Pool B

RUS-CUB, 4 July, 19:00, Kazan

RUS-CUB, 5 July, 19:00, Kazan

ITA-KOR, 4 July, 20:00, Trieste

ITA-KOR, 5 July, 19:00, Trieste

Pool C

FIN-BUL, 4 July, 18:30, Tampere

FIN-BUL, 5 July, 18:30, Tampere

ESP-USA, 4 July, 20:30, Madrid

ESP-USA, 6 July, 12:30, Madrid

Pool D

POL-CHN, 4 July, 20:00, Katowice

POL-CHN, 5 July, 20:00, Katowice

JPN-EGY, 5 July, 15:00, Komaki

JPN-EGY, 6 July, 14:00, Komaki


Weekend 5:  July 11-13

Pool A

SRB-VEN, 11 July, 20:30, Beograd

SRB-VEN, 13 July, 20:30, Nis

BRA-FRA, 12 July, 10:00, Belo Horizonte

BRA-FRA, 13 July, 10:00, Belo Horizonte

Pool B

RUS-ITA, 11 July, 19:00, Kazan

RUS-ITA, 12 July, 19:00, Kazan

KOR-CUB, 12 July, 14:00, Jeonju

KOR-CUB, 13 July, 14:00, Jeonju

Pool C

USA-ESP, 11 July, 19:00, Bloomington

USA-ESP, 12 July, 19:00, Bloomington

BUL-FIN, 12 July, 17:30, Varna

BUL-FIN, 13 July, 17:30, Varna

Pool D

EGY-CHN, 11 July, 20:00, Cairo

EGY-CHN, 12 July, 20:00, Cairo

POL-JPN, 11 July, 20:00, Lodz

POL-JPN, 12 July, 20:00, Lodz


Weekend 6: July 18-20

Pool A

BRA-VEN, 18 July, 10:00, Brasilia

BRA-VEN, 19 July, 10:00, Brasilia

SRB-FRA, 18 July, 20:30, Nis

SRB-FRA, 20 July, 20:30, Beograd

Pool B

RUS-KOR, 18 July, 19:00, Khanty-Mansiysk

RUS-KOR, 19 July, 19:00, Khanty-Mansiysk

ITA-CUB, 18 July, 20:00, Torino

ITA-CUB, 20 July, 18:00, Monza

Pool C

FIN-ESP, 18 July, 18:30, Tampere

FIN-ESP, 19 July, 18:30, Tampere

BUL-USA, 19 July, 17:30, Varna

BUL-USA, 20 July, 17:30, Varna

Pool D

POL-EGY, 18 July, 20:00, Poznan

POL-EGY, 20 July, 15:00, Bydgoszcz

JPN-CHN, 19 July, 15:00, Osaka

JPN-CHN, 20 July, 14:00, Osaka



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