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FIVB World League 2006
Press Conference
Russia take the bronze medal

Bulgaria's captain Plamen Konstantinov

Bulgaria's captain Plamen Konstantinov: "This was a repeat of yesterday's match. I'm sorry we lost this way. We had a good chance to win but we did not convert it. We did not play with our hearts."

Bulgaria's head coach Martin Stoev: "There were two teams on the court who were both disappointed with their performance yesterday. I'm disappointed because we didn't show any character and it would have been good to take third place."

Russia's captain Konstantin Ushakov: "We couldn't expect a beautiful game as both teams did their best yesterday. It was therefore difficult to show something special today. We needed to win to show our fans and spectators that we have character."

Russia's head coach Zoran Gajic: "We demonstrated the quality of our game and we made only 13 mistakes in three sets. In my view, it's a big deal to win after yesterday's defeat. On the one hand, I'm disappointed that we didn't make the final, but on the other we only lost two games in the whole Final Round."