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FIVB World League 2006
Press Conference
First-ever World League semi-final victory for France

Bulgaria's captain Plamen Konstantinov: "We wanted too win too much perhaps and sometimes when that happens, you lose. We did not show our true game today. There's always an end to every fairytale. We will do our best tomorrow to keep the pace. It was a good experience of how not to play."

Bulgaria's head coach Martin Stoev: "We didn't show our real game. We played under great pressure and we were nervous. I think we'll have a good result tomorrow."

France's captain Stephane Antiga: "This is a historic day for the French national team. We were very tired and it was difficult to keep up the power. We had to dig and receive well to win."

France's head coach Philippe Blain: "When you have no more energy, you need to use something else: tactics. I told my players they would have to dig very well. They concentrated and didn't miss any easy balls. All the 3-2s we had to endure have been paid off with this victory."