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Nalbert – The farewell of my dreams

May 7, 2005 – Brazilian Volleyball legend Nalbert Bitencourt said winning the national Superliga title with his Brazilian club side Banespa/Mastercard last month, “could not be better. It was the farewell of my dreams.”

To the disappointment of many indoor Volleyball fans in Brazil and around the world, the former Brazilian captain has decided to try Beach Volleyball in 2005 and in doing so has brought the curtain down on an illustrious indoor career.
Pic: Nalbert receives during a group match at the Olympic Games in Athens
Known for his fierce serving power and spiking power and motivational play on and off the court, Nalbert was a hero to many, becoming one of the most popular Volleyball players around the world. And having led Brazil to World League titles in 2003 and 2004, the World Championship title in 2002, a World Cup triumph in 2003 and gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the inspirational Nalbert has now chosen another career path.

"I have now set a new objective for the Olympic Games in Beijing,” Nalbert said. “I am going to go there playing Beach Volleyball. Adapting to my new sport will be difficult, but I know that I have the skills. I am going to carry out this other dream of mine, to be Olympic champion on the beach."

Despite Nalbert’s absence, Brazil will still start favourites for their third World League title in as many years but it will be interesting to see the affect losing both their captain and vice captain (Giovane) has to this champion side.

Following a sensational finals performance in the Brazilian Superliga where Banespa/Mastercard beat Telemig Celular/Minas in the fifth set of the fifth game, Nalbert said; "God would have thought: since he wants to go for the beach, I am going to do everything for him right up to the last minute, and it was like this. To decide the final in the fifth set of the fifth game was incredible and a great way to go out, as a champion."

Now, the 31-year-old has a new goal but has to overcome his first two obstacles, finding sponsorship and a playing partner; "Already there is someone in mind but I’m not going to comment and create expectations, I am going to speak with them first. And if I find it difficult to obtain some sort of sponsorship, I will have to stop and rethink my plans.”
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