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True global feel to the best players of the Intercontinental Round

Lausanne, Switzerland, July 5, 2005 – Serbia and Montenegro, Brazil, Cuba and Poland may have reached the Final Round of the 2005 World League but four other teams - Venezuela, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria - will also walk away with their heads held high after the Best Player categories were split across all eight teams at the end of the Intercontinental Round.

Cuba’s Romero Raydel Poey, 23, will be walking tallest having finished the Intercontinental Round as Best Scorer with 217 points, including a massive 175 points from spikes alone, but in terms of actual prizes, the statistics will all be set back to zero for the Final Round and tournament awards will be handed to the Best Scorer, Best Spiker, Best Blocker and Best Server to those teams only competing in the Final Round.

Nonetheless, there were some impressive performances during the six weeks of Intercontinental Round action, especially Poey, who is playing in his fifth World League competition.
Pic: Cuba’s Romero Raydel Poey was an awesome sight on attack
The Best Spiker was Poland’s Piotr Gruszka with a success rate of 54.85 percent, just ahead of Venezuela’s Luis Diaz at 54.15 percent, while, not surprisingly, the Best Blocker was Joao Jose from Portugal, one of the best in the business, who averaged .80 per set, with Italy’s Luigi Mastrangelo averaging .79.

Serving is a key part of the game and Nikolaos Roumeliotis was instrumental in helping Greece to five victories with an impressive serving average of .59 per set. This included an incredible 27 aces throughout the 12 matches.

Bulgaria’s Teodor Salparov, 22, was the Best Digger with an average of 2.08 successful digs per set while Brazilian skipper Ricardo Garcia remains as arguably the best setter in the world with an average of 7.29 per set.

The final statistic saw Venezuela’s Gustavo Valderrama just beat his team mate Carlos Lunaas as the Best Receiver with a 71.77 percent efficiency rate.
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