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Venezuela set for best ever finish

June 28, 2005 – World number 13 Venezuela will have one thing on their mind when they take on world number one Brazil this weekend - second spot in Pool A. To finish behind the World League defending champions - who have already qualified for the Final Round, which runs from July 8-10 in Belgrade, by building an unbeatable lead in the group - would represent a significant improvement in Venezuela’s World League fortunes, beating their best ever finish substantially in four years of trying.

Three attempts from 2001 to 2003 only recorded three 13th place finishes and after a year’s sabbatical, Venezuela are on the verge of making a brilliant return to the big time, with a seventh place finish guaranteed.

New coach Eliseo Ramos has worked wonders with the nucleus of youth in his side but once again it has been captain and point scoring machine Ernardo ‘Harry’ Gomez who has been the team’s anchor right throughout the competition.

Two wins this weekend could see Venezuela finish fifth provided that Portugal slip up twice against winless Japan.

For Brazil, who have only lost one match all tournament, they will be looking to iron out the creaks before heading to Belgrade for the finals.

First match in Betim is set for 13:00 GMT on Saturday (10:00 local time) with the second match on Sunday at the same time.
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