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D Day for Argentina Volleyball

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 3, 2005 - Friday’s return for Argentina to the charismatic "Luna Park" Stadium, where in 1982, the Argentina "82 Generation" won a bronze medal and where the finals of the 2002 World Championship were played, will stir plenty of memories and evoke a wonderful sense of accomplishment for Argentine Volleyball.

It is true that the national men’s team played in last year’s South American Championship, the Olympic Games and the 2006 World Championships and that both youth national teams qualified and will play in the 2005 Youth World Championships, but nothing has the same taste than playing at home and especially in the premier men’s annual tournament – the World League. Friday’s and Sunday’s matches against Serbia & Montenegro and next weekend’s encounter against Greece at the same venue, will bring a great sense of achievement for everyone involved in Argentina Volleyball on their return to the premier elite after two year’s absence.
Pic: Luna Park ready for World League action
To add to the local joy, the FIVB has honoured Argentina by choosing Sunday's match as the television "match of the week" meaning that it will be broadcasted world wide.

The Luna Park stadium is ready, so everyone is waiting for the opening whistle of the referee to commence the show.
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