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Argentina looking for respect and their first win of the tournament 

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 1, 2005 – Argentina coach Fabian Armoa told a packed press conference at the Sheraton Libertador Hotel on Wednesday ahead of his side’s World League second round fixtures with last year’s bronze medalists Serbia & Montenegro at the Buenos Aires Luna Park Stadium that “it is time that his side started being respected.

"Taking out the injured players, Alejandro Spajic, Guillermo Garcia and Gustavo Scholtis, my team is complete,” Armoa said. “Those that want to be in the national team are here and they must be respected because they are the Argentine national team."

Armoa, who was also accompanied at the press conference by FeVA General Secretary Fabian Ramon, Serbia & Montenegro coach Ljubomic Travica and the two captains Goran Vujevic and Hernan Ferraro, has been in charge of the Argentine national men’s team since they returned to the international scene in 2004 leading them to an impressive fifth place finish at the 2004 Olympic Games.
Pic: Wednesday's press conference from left to right: Argentina captain Hernan Ferraro, Argentina coach Fabian Armoa, FeVA General Secretary Fabian Ramon, Serbia & Montenegro coach Ljubomic Travica and Serbia & Montenegro captain Goran Vujevic
But Argentina has a new look to the one which competed in Athens with stars such as Marcos Milinkovic, who has played in the seven previous editions of the World League which Argentina has participated in, and Pablo Meana missing and now, Armoa admits that Argentina has to fight hard to improve their problems in reception, as well as reducing the unforced errors which led to the light blue and white team losing both their opening Pool C matches last weekend against Poland.

Argentine captain Hernan Ferraro, expressed his anger after the second defeat because "we had them against the ropes but could not knock them out. It was a match that we should have won and we didn't."

With reference to Friday's opening match between Argentina and Serbia & Montenegro, who lost both their opening matches to Greece, Armoa and his counterpart Travica both admitted that neither of them knew much about the other team due to the new nature of both sides.

“Both matches will be very tough as both teams are looking for their first victory in this great competition,” Travica said. “Despite the result, the experience gained playing against the best teams in the world is invaluable".

Goran Vujevic, Serbia & Montenegro captain added "both teams will improve their level of play they have shown in the first matches."

Armoa confirmed the same team that traveled to Poland will play against Serbia and Motnenegro, but with the one change of Santiago Darraidou (recovered from injury) replacing Lucas Chavez.

Argentina: Hernan Ferraro, Ignacio Bernasconi (setters); Jeronimo Bidegain, Gaston Giani, Leonardo Patti, Maximo Torcello (side hitters / reception players); Gustavo Porporatto, Pablo Peralta, Gabriel Arroyo (middle players); Santiago Darraidou, Marcos Dominguez (opposite players); Alexis Gonzalez (libero).

The first match on Friday will be played at 9pm (local time) followed by the second match on Sunday at 6pm (local time) which is also television's “match of the week”.
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