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Injury hit Poland hope to overcome receiving problem

Bydgoszcz, Poland, May 27, 2005 – New Polish coach Raul Lozano has much more to worry about than facing his own country when Poland host Argentina in Bydgoszcz in the opening of the round of the 2005 World League this weekend. Having lost three receivers ahead of Friday night’s opening match, Lozano is facing a juggling act.

The Argentine has been forced into modifying his squad with Michal Bakiewicz (blood clot), Sebastian Swiderski (strained knees) and Dawid Murek (strained abdomen muscles) all out injured and he has confirmed that his first starting lineup will include: Zagumny, Winiarski, Gruszka, Wlazly, Kadziewicz and Gacek as libero but could change again for Saturday’s second match

“As you all know, the rules are rules and they cannot be changed,” he said. “Even though Paweł Papke and Bąkiewicz are injured, we couldn’t have changed the composition of our team. As far as Friday is concerned, if necessary, Krzysztof Ignaczak will play as the alternate to Gruszka and Winiarski as receiver.”
Pic: The last time Poland and Argentina played, Poland won 3-2 (25-19, 25-22, 23-25, 22-25, 20-18) at the Athens Olympics
Swiderski is expected to start his recuperation from on Monday but won’t be able to return to normal training within two weeks, while Murek won’t begin training until after two or three weeks. Spiker Papke has had an Achilles operation and won’t return to the national team before September.

Meanwhile, Argentina coach Fabian Armoa explained that although he has brought a new and inexperienced side to Poland, victory is still the objective.

“The reason we are lacking our mvp’s (Milinkovic, Spajic) is that this year we have decided to rebuild our national team,” he said. “Still I can assure you that those players who come here will do their best to create a spectacular event for the Polish fans. Although, our main priority is the matches in front of our spectators in Argentina, we will do everything we can to win here in Poland. I am aware this will be extremely hard job as Poland is the favourite to win the Intercontinental Round Group C.”

Friday’s first game starts at 19.00 (local time) while the second match between the two sides is at 15.00 on Saturday.

Recent matches Poland – Argentina (from 1998)

WC ’98 (Sapporo): ARG – POL 3:1 (14:16, 15:5, 15:7, 15:8)
WL 2002 (San Juan): ARG – POL 3:0 (25:22, 36:34, 25:19)
WL 2002 (San Juan): ARG – POL 3:0 (25:23, 33:31, 25:21)
WL 2002 (Lodz): POL – ARG 3:1 (23:25, 25:22, 25:20, 25:18)
WL 2002 (Lodz): POL – ARG 3:0 (25:13, 27:25, 25:20)
OG 2004 (Athens): POL – ARG 3:2 (25:19, 25:22, 23:25, 22:25, 20:18)
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