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Minuzzi steps up the pace as he seeks spot in Brazilian starting lineup

Rio de Janiero, Brazil, May 24, 2005 – The life of Roberto Minuzzi is running at top speed. With barely 23 years to his name, the outside hitter has already been chosen as the best attacker of the domestic Brazilian league three times, has a title and two runner’s up competition medals and has been world champion with the Brazilian youth team.

To top everything though, he would love to break into the team of Bernardinho, so for the past two weeks he has been working in the Volleyball Development Center in Rio de Janeiro under the command of the national coach.
Pic: Minuzzi in practice at the Brazilian Volleyball Development Center in Rio de Janeiro
“I know that I have a life and a routine unlike the majority of the people at my age,” he said. “Everything happened quickly, but I knew how to take advantage of the doors that opened. Every time I conquered something, another opportunity appeared just as quickly. And not just in Volleyball. In my personal life also I am not one who thinks a lot before acting”, jokes Minuzzi, who meet his wife Luciane in 2001 and, four years later, is the father of six month old Isabella.

Bernardinho is preparing his squad for the opening of the 2005 World League against the Venezuela in Caracas on Saturday and Minuzzi wants to be named in the opening line up and compete in all of the competition. “In the last few seasons, the group was practically closed and was very strong,” Minuzzi said. “I knew where I was positioned overall so I wanted to get as much distance as possible between me and the squad and take advantage of opportunities elsewhere. But now, two vacancies have opened in my position and I want one of them.”
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